V Conference of the IMS Regional Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (ARLAC/IMS)

  • Lanzamiento: 30 de Julio de 2021
  • Plazo: 15 de Diciembre de 2021
The IMS Regional Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (ARLAC/IMS) and Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, UNIA, Campus Antonio Machado, Baeza, Jaén, invite musicologists and scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences to participate with free papers, themed sessions, and presentations of books, recordings, and documentary films. The conference welcomes discipline-specific contributions as well as interdisciplinary studies on music, culture and society in Latin America and the Caribbean from a variety of perspectives. Accepted proposals will be grouped according to affinity and thematic relevance in either plenary or simultaneous sessions of 3 presentations of 15 minutes each.

The conference will be held in Virtual Mode, April 20-22, 2022. The languages of the Congress are Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Abstracts for free papers and themed sessions should be sent by December 15, 2021 to: ims.varlac@gmail.com

The surname of the author should serve as the file’s label in MS Word compatible format (E.g.: Smith.doc). Only one presentation by each participant will be accepted, or a presentation plus participation in a themed session, or a participation in two themed sessions.

The proposal should include a title clearly defining the topic; name and institutional affiliation of the author; abstract in English of no more than 250 words describing the theme and purpose of the paper as well as its theoretical framework; and a brief bibliography supporting the proposal. A CV not exceeding 150 words and contact information (e-mail address) should complete the proposal.

For themed sessions, the coordinator should submit an abstract not exceeding 400 words summarizing the issues to be discussed and a brief CV of each presenter in a single document. Free papers will be allocated 15 minutes for presentation, plus a time at the end of each round table for discussion. Themed sessions can follow other formats and should not exceed a total of 2 hours of a minimum of three presentations and a maximum of six. Authors will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of their abstract submission no later than January 17, 2022.

Registration to the Congress is € 8. Registrations will be made through the UNIA Portal (which includes the possibility of making payment by bank transfer, card or Paypal) until February 15, 2022 so that the accepted works are included in the schedule.
- Chief Coordinator: Juan Pablo González, CH.
- Program Committee: Graciela Musri, AR; Daniela Fugellie, CH; Victoria Eli, CU/ES; Javier Marín, ES; Diosnio Machado Neto, BR.
- Organizing Committee: Javier Marín, Julio Arce, Juan Pablo González.
- Webmaster: Agustín Ruiz.

Information: jugonzal@uahurtado.cl +569 92228562

- IMS Regional Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (ARLAC/IMS) www.arlac-sim.com
- Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Baeza (España), UNIA www.unia.es/conoce-la-unia/sede-de-baeza